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Welcome to the fascinating and timeless world of stripes, where the art of fabric weaving meets creativity. Introducing the latest creation from UNITO FABRICS: A collection of original designs celebrating the iconic lines.

The history of striped fabrics is fascinating. From a medieval past in which they were associated with diabolical meanings, the lines have traversed epochs, becoming a symbol of exclusion and rebellion before conquering the heart of fashion in the 50s and 60s. Michel Pastoreau traces its evolution in “The Devil’s Cloth. A History of Stripes and Striped Fabric,” the 1993 essay outlining the long history of Western striping.

For UNITO FABRICS, stripes are more than just a decorative pattern. They are the basis of every creation, the starting point for unique designs and extraordinary fabrics. Everything has always started from the line: Every drawing, every textile weave, every material section. The reasoning behind all striped pattern is it attracts and reassures us at the same time, an icon between fashion and design that crosses every style while remaining current.

Our collection features bold, subtle stripes, horizontal and vertical, sharp and nuanced, designed to surprise and transform spaces into places of inspiration.

We coordinated these fascinating designs with Augusta velvet to create harmonious interiors without having to search for different products. This digitally printed cotton velvet ensures bright colors and an enveloping sensation.

Discover our striped fabric collection and be inspired by the versatility and elegance of this timeless pattern.

UNITO FABRICS: Expressing your creativity has never been easier.

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